July 10, 2013

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs hosting free grant guidelines workshop in Saginaw

MCACA Grant Program Workshop; July 30, 2013; 10 a.m.; Anderson Enrichment Center; Saginaw, MichiganThe Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) has announced its grant program workshop schedule in anticipation of projected funding increases for the Fiscal Year 2014 program.



“We are very excited about the support we have received from Governor Rick Snyder, his administration and the legislature,” said MCACA Executive Director John Bracey. “The confidence they have shown in our agency and the additional dollars represented in the appropriations bill will allow us to expand funding to our current programs as well as create a new Artist in Residence program for K-12 schools.”



MCACA will be conducting a free informational workshop in the Saginaw area to review grant guidelines and the application process for potential applicants. Workshop attendance is not required for grant applicants; however, updated guidelines and application process changes will be reviewed at the meeting, so attendance is encouraged. Pre-registration or RSVPs are not required.


MCACA will offer grants through five programs: 


Program for Operations and Project Support Provides specific operational support to arts and cultural organizations only. Municipalities, schools and non-arts nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply in the Projects Support category. MCACA defines arts and cultural organizations as those organizations whose primary mission is to provide an experience, including a learning experience that is based in a specific arts or cultural discipline.


Capital Improvements – Provides funding assistance to Michigan nonprofit arts organizations and municipalities for the expansion, renovation or construction of cultural facilities; upgrade of equipment and furnishing to provide a competitive and up-to-date environment; equipment and instrument acquisitions that are integral to the implementation of events and services.


Arts in Education Residency – provides funding assistance to K-12 educational institutions for arts education residencies designed to introduce or enhance student knowledge of and participation in a particular art form such as: dance, theatre, music, creative writing, storytelling, visual arts (including video and graphic design), or traditional folk arts, by bringing a professional teaching artist into the educational setting for a designated amount of time.


Mini-grants – A partnership between the MCACA and 19 regional re-granting agencies throughout the state. There are two components of the Mini-grant program, Arts Projects and Professional Development grants. These are special opportunities to address local arts and cultural needs as well as increase public access to arts and culture. 


New Leaders – Provides funding assistant to support projects and/or collaborations focusing on the engagement, retention and mentoring of young people in Michigan.


Michigan nonprofit organizations, schools and municipalities are eligible to apply for projects that would take place between January 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014.  For more information about specific grant programs as well as the guidelines, visit MCACA’s website.


If you have questions or would like to RSVP (not required but would be appreciated), please contact Marsha Braun at the Saginaw Arts & Enrichment Commission at (989) 759-1363, ext. 223 or via email at mbraun.saec@yahoo.com.