July 3, 2013

A FORCE for a livelier community

Major Chords for MinorsThe FORCE Youth Advisory Committee comprises youth between 14 and 21 who grant funds to enrich the lives of other youth in Saginaw County and to improve the overall community.

In 2012, FORCE granted funds to programs that affected various Saginaw County children and teens. FORCE was established in 1992 as a result of a $1 million challenge grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. These funds were permanently endowed for the benefit of youth.

FORCE members say their involvement in the community helps make it a better place — and their impact is felt in many ways.



One of FORCE’s greatest success stories is the help it has offered Major Chords for Minors. This home-grown nonprofit organization, founded by Saginaw residents John and Katrina Vowell, offers free private instruction in piano and guitar to at-risk children — and along the way, provides practice instruments, practice space and a safe, structured after-school environment.



After launching with eight students in 2011, MC4M today has more than 75 students receiving weekly instruction. FORCE’s $3,350 grant was the spark the organization needed — and led to additional foundation and corporate support from across the community.


Photo credit: Major Chords for Minors