October 5, 2012

Fund helps keep young dancers in class

The following is from the September 2012 issue of Cornerstone, the newsletter of the Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Club. Download the PDF or read the articles online.


The Nancy Claramunt Dance Foundation Fund was recently set up by Morrall and Nancy Claramunt to help support young dancers. Recently, three young dancers in the region received funds to help support their passion.


Nancy Claramunt said she started dancing at age three.


“It has led me to many opportunities, working and judging Junior Miss Pageants and competitions, and just enjoying the efforts and love young dancers have,” she said. “I’ve helped support several causes involved with dance but felt there could be a need to help young dancers get started or keep from dropping out because of financial circumstances.”


Though she knows the funds can’t cover all expenses for young dancers, she hopes it can take some of the financial pressure off parents.


“I know we are starting on somewhat of a small scale, but hope there will be enough participation and interest in this program to grow,” she said. “Hopefully, this idea will spread and spark the interest in others to also step in and support dancers, music programs, etc., that is so good for character building and expression.”


The Claramunt’s decided to set up their fund at the Saginaw Community Foundation due to Morrall’s experience as a board member.


“Morrall was on the board and had many, many great things to say about the staff and their work, so there was no other discussion,” she said. “We are very happy with the handling of this so far.”


To learn more about setting up a fund of your own at the Saginaw Community Foundation, contact Brian Jackson at (989) 755-0545 or