September 6, 2013

Who are we?

Renee JohnstonThere are many reasons why I enjoy my position with the Saginaw Community Foundation (SCF). I have the opportunity to work in a capacity that allows me to give back to my hometown on a daily basis. In addition, it’s rewarding to work with a staff, board of directors, volunteers and others in the community who have a passion to work for or with SCF to make a difference in Saginaw County.

So, what exactly does SCF do? Over the years, the staff and I have tried to explain what the Foundation’s role is. This issue of Cornerstone hopefully sheds some light on what we do. The story about the Constan’s (page 4) highlights the relationships we establish with families to assist them with their philanthropic goals. Joe Madison (cover story) is an outstanding example of the volunteers we work with and the activities they perform on behalf of the Foundation. This issue of our newsletter highlights a majority of the type of work SCF performs in the community.

When giving community presentations over the past few years, I’ve defined SCF as: 1) a philanthropic vehicle; 2) a charitable organization; 3) a community leader/convener and 4) a volunteer organization. I believe this has helped me and others to highlight the key aspects of the Foundation. Defining ourselves as a charitable organization highlights that we award grants and scholarships – something that most people definitely know about us. By pointing out that we’re also a philanthropic vehicle helps explain the relationships we develop – and the endowment funds established – that allow us to provide grants and scholarships. We’re a leader/convener. Many SCF staff members sit on or assist with various community committees, or consult with other community leaders or organizations about key challenges or opportunities. Finally, as a volunteer organization, we associate ourselves with other community members who want to be a part of our mission. To learn more about SCFs roles here.

Earlier this year, the SCF staff and board participated in a strategic planning process. We spent quality time identifying and laying out a strong strategy for the next few years. In 2014, I will reveal our new strategic plan. In addition, we also developed a new mission statement. We felt our previous mission wasn’t clear about what we do. I am proud to share our new mission statement which aligns nicely with the definition points mentioned previously:

The Saginaw Community Foundation fulfills donor wishes and enables community initiatives to come to life, now and forever. We accomplish our mission by: 1) Providing strategic leadership in our community; 2) Growing our endowment; 3) Practicing impactful grantmaking and 4) Stewardship of our resources, human and financial.



Now, who wouldn’t want to work for the Saginaw Community Foundation? I’m glad I do.







Reneé S. Johnston, President & CEO