November 18, 2014

Ten Tips on Getting Started as a Donor

If you are looking to get involved as a donor and do not know how to start, here are ten helpful tips:


#1: Start with a local umbrella organization, like the Saginaw Community Foundation. Rather than focus on one cause, we support many causes, agencies and initiatives across the county and help match donors to their philanthropic passions.



#2: Make a list of things you’re interested in or causes you care about.



#3: Be open to organizations your friends are involved in, as you’ll likely be able to get involved more quickly.


#4: Be open to causes or nonprofits that you might not have thought of getting involved with.



#5: Send an email – a nonprofit would likely be happy to hear you want to get involved.



#6: Starting asking around and telling people you’d like to get more involved.


#7: Keep in mind that you’ll want to work with an organization that fits your personality.


#8: Follow organizations you might be interested in on social media and see what they are doing in the community.



#9: If you have a cause you’re very passionate about, find an organization and ask to join the board or a committee.


#10: Find something that could be useful to your career or advancement.


Ready to get started?

The Saginaw Community Foundation is here to help you bring your philanthropic goals to life. Contact us today at (989) 755-0545 or