December 17, 2012

So Far. So Good.

The Saginaw Community Foundation has a simple goal: to help individuals and organizations throughout Saginaw County do good.


“The community foundation is the one organization that supports a broad range of activities, whether it’s people in need, education or community projects,” said Heidi Bolger, SCF vice-chair and principal at Rehmann. “So, your dollars make such a difference.”


In 1992, the foundation launched a special leadership giving program called the Cornerstone Club. It is a special endowment designed to ensure the long-term financial stability of the foundation.


“If you want Saginaw to be a different, better, great place as we go forward, then I think it’s a phenomenal investment that you need to make today for our future,” Bolger said.


Cornerstone Club gifts become part of a permanent endowment and help SCF provide leadership, tackle issues and make a lasting positive impact on the community.

Last year, that impact included more than 280 college scholarships and 200 grants worth $1,626,090.


“The Cornerstone name really emphasizes that donors are leaders,” said Dave Abbs, SCF chair and owner of Abbs Retirement Planning Advisors. “They are the real base of our community.”


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