July 26, 2012

Marlin N. & Bertha H. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

The Marlin N. and Bertha H. Wilson Memorial Scholarship was established by Bertha Wilson in 2009 and funded after Mrs. Wilson passed away in 2010. The scholarship is to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors of Arthur Hill High School or Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy who plan on attending the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, as a full-time student. The award is for four years of undergraduate education, providing the student remains in good standing.

Bertha Watestradt was born in Saginaw in 1933 and was a lifelong resident. She attended Saginaw Public Schools and graduated from Arthur Hill High School in 1951. Bertha was very proud of her high school career and took part in many extracurricular activities. After graduation, she was employed at Tower Finance in Saginaw and helped the company grow in the community.

Marlin Wilson was born in Soldier, Kansas in 1926. He completed his high school education in Pennsylvania and graduated from Westchester State Teachers College. During WWII, Mr. Wilson served in the United States Navy in the Pacific theater. Marlin continued his post-graduate studies at the University of Michigan, where he earned a Master Degree in Education. He subsequently attended classes at Central Michigan University. Mr. Wilson was a respected instructor and educator at several schools in Saginaw County, and until his retirement, was a faculty member at Webber Junior High in Saginaw. In addition to his teaching duties, Mr. Wilson coached swimming and junior varsity football for many years. He passed away in 1998.

Bertha Watestradt and Marlin Wilson were married in 1960. They resided on State Street in Saginaw, in the Watestradt family homestead that is now a Habitat for Humanity residence. The Wilsons were active members of Zion Lutheran Church in Saginaw and supported educational and church activities in the community. They were best friends and devoted spouses during their many years together.

In the Bertha H. Wilson Family Trust, Mrs. Wilson stated: “My beloved husband Marlin greatly valued his academic training at the University of Michigan. His college education prepared him for a successful career as a teacher in the Saginaw Public Schools. I believe that a deserving high school student should have every opportunity for this college experience, and I hope this scholarship will help in that endeavor.”


  • Graduating senior from Saginaw United High School or a shared enrollment with Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy and Saginaw United High School
  • Preference will be given to students pursuing teaching at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor or Central Michigan University
  • Full-time enrollment

Evaluation Criteria

  • Academic record (30)
  • Awards and honors (20)
  • Community service (20)
  • Extracurricular school activities (20)
  • Financial need (10)