July 8, 2015

Students from across Saginaw County are making a difference

Our Youth are Learning What it Takes

10.26.2014.Raking at Hoyt group photo aThe FORCE Youth Advisory Committee encourages local youth to get involved in solving problems in their community. This diverse group of teens, from grades 8-12, is actively engaged in community service and grantmaking.

Established in 1992, FORCE is the result of a $1 million challenge grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. These funds were permanently endowed for the benefit of youth. FORCE uses the income generated annually from this fund to support various community projects and programs that affect children and teens in Saginaw County.

The 2014-15 FORCE committee is comprised of 45 students representing 12 schools across Saginaw County. For each of these students, the experience participating in FORCE is unique and personal. We asked FORCE members to reflect on what it means to them to be part of this group. Here’s what they had to say:


What have you learned from FORCE?

“There is more to the Saginaw community than I thought.”
-Grace Wellman


What impact do you think you are making through FORCE?

“I’m helping the community grow and encouraging others to want to make their community better.”
-Kaylin Minnec


Why would you encourage someone to be part of FORCE?

“(FORCE is) a good cause and it gives you a better understanding of the community and how to help it.”
-Allie Barron

“(FORCE) offers a direct connection to the community that I wouldn’t normally have.”
-Karsen Palmer


What is the most memorable/rewarding experience you have had through FORCE?

“Attending grant meetings and being a part of choosing (which organization) gets grant (funding).”
-Ryan Wolohan


How do you feel that FORCE has made you a better person?

“I get to sit with people from all over Saginaw County. I can see different views from people from different schools. It makes me more open-minded and reduced my thoughts on the bad parts of Saginaw. I can convince others that Saginaw is not bad.”
-Raegan Schultz

“FORCE has allowed me to see other’s opinions and defend my own.”
-Chris von Claparede


“FORCE has given me a sense of community that I can take wherever I go. It has taught me responsibility and how giving to those around you is really giving to yourself as well.”
-Sarah Beltran

“FORCE has made me more aware of issues that youth in the community face and gave me social and business skills I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”
-Hannah Boyd