July 3, 2013

Community initiatives: SCF helps K9 units raise funds

Canjo the dogThe Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association (SVPCA) provides financial support to law enforcement K9 units in Saginaw County. That includes purchasing the police service dogs, which can run up to $12,000, as well as regular visits to the vet, dog food, equipment and continued training and support for the teams.

Founded in December 2012, the group hopes to promote the use of K9 units in the line of duty and in community and school demonstrations. The SVPCA is currently providing funding for the two Saginaw Police K9 units. The addition of a K9 unit in Bridgeport is planned for 2013.

“With public safety budgets constantly shrinking and being threatened, K9 units are usually the first to be eliminated,” says Jody Wilk, SVPCA executive director. “K9 resources allow our law enforcement officers to do their jobs safer, faster and more efficiently.”

As a new organization, the SVPCA is benefiting from its affiliation with the Saginaw Community Foundation.

“We have been able to operate under the foundation’s nonprofit status to help our supporters make tax-deductible donations to us. When our donors see we’re associated with SCF, they know we’re a legitimate organization and are more willing to support us,” says Wilk. “Over the next three years, with the support of SCF, we will take the steps necessary to become a nonprofit organization on our own.”



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Photo credit: Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association