January 22, 2013

Important information about SCF grants

Kendra Kempf, program officer at the Saginaw Community Foundation, shares some important information about our grants. If you have questions, contact her at 989-755-0545 or kendra@saginawfoundation.org


Grants Offered Through SCF

If you’re planning to apply for a Saginaw Community Foundation grant this year, check out the grants and resources we have available to help support your organizations’ programs and projects. Applications are due Feb. 1.


Before getting started on an application, contact Kendra Kempf at (989) 755-0545 to discuss your proposal and receive a grant application number. When you are assigned a grant application number, you will be emailed an editable grant application in Microsoft Word format.


Shared Visions, Community Value

If you missed our collaboration workshop, you can view the video on YouTube. Remember: Collaboration does not mean consolidation. Collaboration means “working together to achieve a goal.”


How to Write A Grant Proposal

Janet Rentsch, director of sponsored programs at Saginaw Valley State University, led our workshop on grantwriting. View the grant proposal example she provided to participants. If you have questions regarding the workshop or grantwriting in general, contact Janet Rentsch at 989-964-7120 or jrentsch@svsu.edu.


About SCF’s new initiative

The new Board of Directors’ Community Improvement Initiative, a Saginaw Community Foundation competitive grant program, will award up to $30,000 to one project in 2013. Download a draft version of the application and review the requirements for the program narrative. You also can review the FAQ page for quick, easy answers to your questions. Additional information about the grant and its requirements are available on YouTube.