Frequently Asked Questions: Grants

Who can apply for grants?

Guided by the wishes of our donors, the foundation awards grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, local units of government and religious institutions. Eligible applicants include nonprofits, as well as individuals, community groups, neighborhoods, businesses and youth groups if SCF or another nonprofit is used as a fiscal sponsor. Contact Kendra Kempf at (989) 755-0545 or for details.

Why do I need to call SCF to get a grant application number?

Contacting SCF to receive a grant number is a required part of the grant application process. It enables us to collect general details, including the organization name, project information and amount of funds sought. It also provides the opportunity for us to clarify any questions that may come up during the application process. At this time, SCF also can help provide direction to other grants that may be available and provide information on current funding trends in the region. Lastly, SCF can connect you to other organizations that offer complementary or similar programs and projects to help leverage dollars.

Why isn't the grant application available on the SCF website?

The application is only available in draft format on the website. When you are assigned a grant application number, you will be emailed an editable grant application in Microsoft Word format.

What is an "Executive Summary?"

The “Executive Summary” is a brief snapshot stating: what the project is; why it’s necessary; who is coordinating the efforts; where the project is located; and who the project would impact. It should be no longer than a paragraph in length. You will provide additional detail in the program narrative of the application.

What types of supporting documents should be attached to the application?

Supporting documents may include documentation substantiating project expenses (bids, quotes, research, etc.), letters of support for the project (no more than five will be permitted), map of project location or region affected, photos, etc.

Why didn't my project or program receive a grant?

The foundation receives many requests for grants and, unfortunately, cannot fulfill all requests. The decision for most grants is made by a committee of dedicated community members. They thoughtfully review and discuss each application to determine a decision.