June 11, 2019

Daniel Jon Thurlow Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Jon Thurlow was the eighth and last child of Bill and Shirley Thurlow. Being the youngest of the siblings meant he got the most attention of course, and he reciprocated by happily playing the role of everybody’s “little buddy.” Danny’s best friend was his sister Sally, who was only one year older than he, and the two of them were constant companions. Sally’s first words upon waking up were often “Where is Danny?” and Danny’s first words were “Where is Sally?” It was an innocent and blissful childhood, which the entire family reveled in. But not all stories have a happy ending, and such is the case here, as Danny’s life ended unexpectedly at age three-and-one-half.

The death of any youngster is a tragedy that is almost inconsolable. If you consider all the experiences that person will never have, combined with all the experiences you will miss sharing with them, it becomes a loss that is beyond words. It is also pointless to speculate about “what might have been,” especially in the case of someone so young. In the end you are left with trying to determine the best way to remember them, or finding something of lasting value that might make even their short lives worthwhile. That said, our family has decided that the best way to honor the memory of our little brother is by establishing a scholarship in support of Career and Technical Education (CTE) training. With CTE covering such a broad and diverse range of occupations, it seems like the best way to offer financial assistance to the greatest number of people.    

Two scholarships will be presented per year, each being renewable for one additional year on a competitive basis. It is also our hope that recipients of this particular scholarship will be especially diligent in using this money to help create a better life for themselves and their family. Thus, Danny’s untimely passing will ultimately contribute to making this world a better place, one family at a time.   


  • Resident of Bay, Midland, or Saginaw County
  • Pursuing education in Career and Technical Education (CTE) training
  • Part- or full-time student in an accredited program
  • Financial need

Evaluation Criteria

  • Financial need (30)
  • Letters of recommendation (20)
  • Work experience (20)