February 19, 2014

A continuum of giving

If the Saginaw Community Foundation (SCF) were a book, its founders would be the authors. From the very beginning in 1984, it was their generosity and vision that scripted the Foundation’s future. The funds that were established and the dollars they contributed are still used to meet today’s needs and plan for tomorrow’s opportunities. Some funds were established for specific purposes; others to meet the most pressing needs of the current time.


As we enter our fourth decade, SCF is ready to add another exciting chapter to our book. We call it our Continuum of Giving.


A continuum is something that keeps on going and changing over time. It is a succession of events leading from the past to the present and into the future. In addition to meaning “a whole made up of many parts,” continuum can describe a range that is always present. For example, in a high school, at any time, there are students who are learning algebra, then advancing to geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Just as the ninth graders master their particular math, they move on to the next one, as new ninth graders enter the school and the seniors graduate. 


To help illustrate our Continuum of Giving, we have developed the “We Are Impact” art element pictured above. The four colored squares collectively represent an abstraction of Saginaw County and the ways in which SCF touches the lives of everyone in our county, young and old alike, from Freeland to Birch Run, from Merrill and Hemlock to Chesaning and Bridgeport.  Individually, each square represents a piece of our Continuum of Giving: FORCE, our youth advisory council; our Nextgen group; Cornerstone Club and Pillar Society; and the SCF Legacy Society.


What do we mean by a “Continuum of Giving?” As defined earlier, a continuum is something that keeps on going and changing over time. It is a succession of events leading from the past to the present and into the future. In our case, the continuum establishes a giving structure, allowing a donor or volunteer to grow with the Foundation through their various stages of philanthropy.


To create a truly “For good. For ever.” experience, it is our hope that individuals entering the continuum with FORCE would remain active constituents with Saginaw Community Foundation through all of the stages listed below. Each phase of the Continuum of Giving builds upon the last – increasing an individual’s experience and exposure to SCF. 


Of course, it is not required for anyone to progress linearly through the continuum. The continuum simply provides an easy-to-understand framework from which to operate within, like a road map or guide. While there are age limitations associated with FORCE and Nextgen, anyone can participate in the Cornerstone Club/Pillar Society and Legacy Society. 


Driven by our mission to fulfill donor wishes and bring community initiatives to life, now and forever, we believe the continuum will create a lifelong partnership between donors and the Foundation. Putting all of the pieces together – FORCE, Nextgen, Cornerstone Club and Pillar Society, and our Legacy Society – the Saginaw Community Foundation and you … We Are Impact.


Interested in starting your own chapter in the SCF book? Learn more about how SCF can assist you in realizing your philanthropic goals or call (989) 755-0545.


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