September 6, 2013

Bringing community initiatives to life

Award winnersEach year at our Annual Celebration in June, we take time to honor our outstanding philanthropists and volunteers. These individuals, through their hard work and leadership, have made a difference and helped bring community initiatives to life.


Frank N. Andersen Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Richard J. Garber was honored with the Frank N. Andersen Spirit of Philanthropy Award, which was established in 1994 to honor the great philanthropist.

“The purpose of the award is to honor an individual who has a history of outstanding philanthropic leadership and has demonstrated an extraordinary personal commitment to improving the quality of life for Saginaw County citizens,” said Reneé Johnston, president and CEO of the Saginaw Community Foundation. “We also want to encourage and recognize philanthropy in Saginaw County.”

Garber recently completed his term serving on the Foundation’s board of directors, but his commitment to our community runs deeper. In the tradition of his grandfather and father, Garber has made service to the community a major priority in his life. He has been an active participant and contributor to numerous community organizations and non-profits by providing leadership, service and financial contributions. As a life-long resident of Saginaw, giving back to the community that has long been loyal to Garber Buick has always been extremely important to him.

Past recipients of this award include Frank N. Andersen, Richard Wolohan, Wally Bronner, Lloyd Yeo, Ted Braun, the Shaheen family, Marty Stark, Sue Pumford, Paul Chaffee, Culli Damuth, Gen. David Hall and Joseph Madison.


SCF Joseph W. Madison Youth Award

Chrishawna Walker, a student at Carrollton High School, was awarded the SCF Joseph W. Madison Youth Award.

“Five years ago, we thought it would be appropriate to identify and recognize youth in our community for their tremendous efforts to make a difference,” Johnston said. “The SCF Joseph W. Madison Youth Award criteria is based on qualities of outstanding philanthropic spirit, cooperation with others and generosity of time and talent.”

Walker, nominated by Kim Buscarino from Carrollton High School and Kim Towne from Carrollton Middle School, is known for her selfless attitude and dedication to helping others. At the time of her nomination, Walker had amassed 839 volunteer hours.


Dr. Mridha Teacher of the Year Award

Haley Tylka from White Pine Middle School in Saginaw Charter Township was recognized with the Dr. Mridha Teacher of the Year Award. The award, offered through the Mridha Foundation Teacher of the Year Endowment Fund held at SCF, grants $750 to the Saginaw Intermediate School District to support the recipient’s educational and professional development.

“If teachers are stimulated, it makes our students even better,” says Dr. Debasish Mridha. “I want to honor teachers who go beyond their duty to inspire and instill wisdom and vision so students can go back into the community and do good.”