June 26, 2015

Being a Champion

Being a Champion

GRANTEE: Saginaw Intermediate School District
AMOUNT: $13,000

High school guidance counselors are overloaded. Reduced operating budgets in our schools have made doing more with less the status quo. Counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development. Helping students adequately prepare for college is a challenge for thinly stretched counselors, often leaving students on their own to apply for college, scholarships and financial aid.

A grant SCF provided helped establish a pilot program of dedicated college advisors in several area high schools. “The college advisors are dedicated to helping students apply for and obtain post-secondary education,” said Kathy Stewart, superintendent of the Saginaw ISD. “The advisors establish relationships with each student and create an Educational Development Plan to fit each student.”


Currently in the Saginaw ISD, there are eight college advisors. Swan Valley and Freeland share an advisor as do St. Charles and Merrill. Individual advisors are placed at Arthur Hill High School, Bridgeport, Carrollton and Heritage High School.

The program is already yielding great success. At Carrollton High School, 106 of 107 high school seniors have applied for college, with the 107th committing to the military. The previous year saw only 30% of seniors applying for college. Results are proving similar at other schools and all are showing increases in college applications.

“A job straight out of high school is no longer a guarantee,” said Stewart. “Our college advisors are helping put our students on a path to success. Every child deserves a champion. Our college advisors are truly helping build a bright future for students.”