March 6, 2015

President’s Report • Spring 2015


An amazing start

Renee JohnstonOften times, at the beginning of a new year, people ask, “I wonder what this year has in store?” After an amazing 2014 at the Saginaw Community Foundation, I’m asking, “what’s in store for us this year?” It’s hard to top a $7 million gift, but then again, maybe not. The way that 2015 has started, I’m going to keep an open mind. The SCF staff and Board of Directors have entered this new year all fired up, even though it’s been extremely cold outside, which is a good sign that anything could be in store – and we’re ready to take it on.

Without giving away too much information prematurely, the SCF staff and Board have been exploring some new opportunities to be a more proactive partner in the community. There are so many examples of community foundations across the country participating in activities that are not typical of the traditional community foundation model. In those communities, the activities have been key to positive transformations. I look forward to sharing more information in the near future.

Even though it’s exciting to think about some of the new directions or roles that a community foundation can exhibit in its community, it’s also good to remain committed to the traditional values of a community foundation, like endowment building. So, to spice things up this year, we thought it would be fun to try a new, exciting fundraising activity. At our 2014 Cornerstone Event, I announced the SCF Impact Challenge. The challenge is an opportunity for agencies with existing endowment funds to raise money for their endowments and have a chance to be awarded additional monies for their endowments, as well as, operational dollars. In addition, SCF board members are tasked with raising the money that would be awarded to the first place and runner up participant agencies. The article explains it all. If you’re interested in either contributing to an agency or helping a board member raise their money, give us a call!

Speaking of Cornerstone, I want to thank our contributors for another successful campaign year! The 2014 Cornerstone Campaign raised $67,189.18 that will not only benefit the Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone fund (our administrative endowment), but also many other endowed funds here at Saginaw Community Foundation. We truly appreciate all of our supporters who believe in the mission of the Saginaw Community Foundation.

We are excited to announce that our Heroes for Kids fund is participating in the SwingShift and the Stars dance-off for charity event. The Heroes for Kids endowment fund was established in 2005 to support summer recreational/youth development activities for kids in the City of Saginaw. Since its establishment, the community at-large saw the need, and therefore, supported the endowment fund by participating in an annual golf outing. After seven years, the golf outing was phased out and no new funds were being raised to support the endowment fund. The fund has still generated monies to grant back into the community to support summer recreational activities. The Heroes for Kids committee was grateful to have been selected to participate in SwingShift and the Stars and is excited to grow the endowment. Contact us if you’re interested in attending and supporting Heroes for Kids.

Until next time, bring on spring!