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Hundreds of individuals, families, companies and organizations have created a charitable legacy by establishing a fund at the Saginaw Community Foundation. The foundation is honored to serve as the steward of these gifts. 


Unrestricted Funds

SCF depends on its unrestricted funds to proactively address important needs in Saginaw County. Grants from the unrestricted fund help address issues and enhance the quality of life for residents in Saginaw’s communities.


Field of Interest Funds

Our Field of Interest Funds give to causes that our donors care about the most – from education to human services. [spacing amount=”20″]

Donor Advised Funds

As a convenient and flexible tool, our donors utilize Donor Advised Funds to personally recommend grants for the causes they care about the most. [spacing amount=”50″]

Designated Funds

Established to benefit designated nonprofits or other institutions, these funds provide vital support for their designated organizations. [spacing amount=”20″]

Scholarship Funds

SCF’s scholarship funds help support university and vocational students with their educational aspirations. [spacing amount=”50″]

Community Initiative and Special Project Funds

The foundation helps manage funds for a variety of initiatives and other special interests in the community.