2020 Heritage High School


Heritage High School

The scholarships we award each year are made possible because of the generosity of our fund donors and their commitment to education. Our donors are individuals, families, civic groups and businesses who believe in the value of education. To them we extend our deepest appreciation as they make the dream of higher education a reality for so many individuals.


Congratulations to the 2020 Saginaw Community Foundation Excellence in Education Scholarship Recipients from Heritage High School.



Reverend William D. Aldridge, Sr. Scholarship


Lauren Reed



Frank N. Andersen Memorial Scholarship


Sydney Hollis Jordyn Ryle Taylor Ryle Rylee Wobio



Nels Andersen Scholarship


Connor Rousseau



Can-Amera Games Scholarship


Anjelica Ferguson



Casting Your Future – UAW Local 668 Scholarship


Lauren Reed



Cohen Leadership Scholarship


Anjelica Ferguson



Larry A. Coulouris Memorial Scholarship


Dane Senkowski



Carol Doman-Wilder Scholarship


Payton Sieveke



Jordan M. Draper Memorial Scholarship


Lauren Reed



Michael R. Gall Memorial Scholarship


Lauren Reed Rylee Wobio



John and Florence Goll Scholarship


Kara Freigang Chloe Fry Gabriel Fry



Hebert Memorial Scholarship


Allyssa Junemann Sarah Kempf Gabrielle Rabior



Heritage Academic Scholarship


Hayley Zaroff



Ashton B. Joseph Scholarship


Jonah Fleming



Kara Kaltenbach Scholarship


Jean Cho



Dr. Brian D. Kubczak Memorial Scholarship


Lauren Reed



Tom Krzyzaniak Teaching Scholarship


Sarah Kempf



Heather Mayes Memorial Scholarship


Anjelica Ferguson



Shannon Mayes Memorial Scholarship


Sarah Kempf



Judge Gary R. McDonald Memorial Scholarship


Abigail Jurrens



Joana D. McKeoun Memorial Scholarship


Madeleine LeRoux



A.C. “Kate” & Leo Merlone Teaching Scholarship


Connor Rousseau



Meyer-Simon Latin Scholarship


Kylie Moskal Megan Sulkanen



Michigan State University Alumni Association of Saginaw County Scholarship


Rebecca Alfano



Optimist Club of Saginaw – Officer Ed Nowaczyk Scholarship


Aliya Woodley



Our Littlest Angels – Callie M. Wilson Memorial Scholarship


Rebecca Alfano



Margaret L. Palmer Scholarship


Elizabeth Furtaw Gabrielle Rabior Payton Sieveke



Jerrold E. Potts Scholarship


Gabrielle Behm Julian Winchell



Bud & Katherine Rae Aviation Scholarship


Cade Beall Maya McGovern



Patricia Rennert Memorial Scholarship


Kaitlyn Wilson



Saginaw Choral Society – Joanne Roberston Memorial Scholarship


Anjelica Ferguson



Saginaw Community Foundation – Collaborative Scholarship


Emily Anne Stemple



Saginaw Community Foundation General Scholarship


Cade Beall Trevor Culpepper, Jr. Shaheer Noor Hayley Zaroff



Saginaw County Association of Retired School Personnel Scholarship


Gabrielle Rabior



Saginaw County Lawyers’ Auxiliary Scholarship


Makenzie Collier



Stuart Schweigert Scholarship


Kylie Moskal



Jerry L. Seese, Ed. D Education Scholarship


Hailey Sonnenberg



Bernie Smillie Memorial Scholarship – Medical


Anjelica Ferguson



Sons of Italy – Frances DiMercuio Memorial Scholarship


Rebecca Alfano



Team One Credit Union Scholarship


Lauren Reed Jordyn Ryle



Team One Credit Union – Mary J. Ewing Scholarship


Kylie Moskal



Women of Colors Scholarship


Lauren Reed